At MAJ Properties ltd, we are currently delivering the development of an innovative concept for a restaurant situated in the north of Malta. This project is materializing alongside with the development of a block of upmarket residential units in a tranquil neighborhood enjoying both valley and distant sea views. Our commercial property developments include two very unique shops situated in prime areas.


Discipline and strong project-management ensure we deliver what we say we will deliver. We combine a deep knowledge of traditional techniques and the latest modern developments in building materials and methods: we are confident that our projects represent the best that the sector has to offer. Our high-quality developments bring benefits and value to the people occupying them.

Attention to detail

Other than construction quality and design, focus is on the high level of detail. Our focus on detail starts from the basics like establishing open lines of communication, answering your questions fully, meeting with you on your schedule, accommodating changes in the design and keeping you informed. Day after day, this detail makes all the difference.

Our Projects

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